About Us

About Our Resort

Unlike other resorts and tourist spots in Kodaikanal which are polluted and crowded. Optimum ventures focuses on preserving nature as our own, true hospitality and luxury. Here at Optimum Ventures, you could keep close to nature’s heart and break clear away. You could climb a mountain or spend a week in the woods. Wash your spirit clean.

Optimum Venture - Kodialkanal resort
Optimum Venture - Kodialkanal resort

What do you want to do?

· Mountain cycling · Darts
· Carrom · Archery
· Ring ball · Trampoline
· Flying disc · Airgun shooting
· Card games · Table tennis
· Basketball · Volleyball
· Shuttlecock · Football
· Cricket · Mini golf course
· Chess · Play area for Kids

At Optimum Ventures, we understand the different expectations of visitors. We feel elated when you come back for the second time!

Our Packages

  • Corporate tour package
  • School tour package
  • Honeymoon tour package
  • Trekking tour package
  • Family tour Package
  • College tour package
  • Customizable tour package
Optimum Venture - Kodialkanal resort
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